Fraud Waiver

Adjustment of status and waiver approved for woman accused of fraud because she possessed a false I-94 card. The woman never used the I-94 card, and we argued successfully that simply possessing it did not amount to committing fraud. (December 2013).

Adjustment of status approved for a woman who entered the United States using fraudulent documents. The applicant first unsuccessfully filed a waiver and then a motion to reconsider with the local CIS office. She finally prevailed before the Administrative Appeals Office based on the documentation of extreme hardship her husband would suffer if she were to leave the United States. (April 2013).


Approved I-360 Self-Petition under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) for woman who filed for VAWA two years after her husband’s purported divorce from her. The husband failed to properly register the divorce, raising questions as to its validity, and allowing his wife to file for VAWA. (June 2012).

Unlawful Presence Waiver

Approved waiver of 10-year-bar to re-entry for applicant whose qualifying relative mother could not be reached for supporting documents, or her alien number, based on the extreme hardship suspected she was suffering due to her isolation in the United States without support from the applicant. (February 2013).

Student Visa

Student visa approved for applicant in the U.S. even though the applicant had a pending immigrant visa (February 2014)


Extraordinary Ability Aliens

Immigrant visa petition granted to extraordinary ability circus performer. (February 2015).

Advanced Degree Professional

EB-2 approved for advanced degree professional with an engineering background sponsored as a Project Manager for a small construction company. (December 2013).

EB-2 approved for advanced degree professional with a psychology background for the position of human resources manager for a logistics firm. (November 2013).

Temporary Work Visas

L-1A visa granted to sole shareholder of foreign corporation founding local custom vehicle restoration business (September 2014)

H-1B granted to a Canadian national previously in the U.S. on a TN visa as a Computer Systems Analyst with an Associate’s degree and on-the-job work experience. (November 2013).

H-1B granted to Civil Engineer in the position of Construction Projects Coordinator after her first H-1B petition by the same company, filed without counsel, was denied. (May 2011).

E-1 visa granted to sole shareholder of U.S. company distributing confections from abroad. (April 2013).


Stay of deportation granted by ICE to an applicant with a drug conviction (March 2015)

Motion to administratively close proceedings granted to an individual without immigration relief available to her. In the 12 years she lived in the United States, she had completed a bachelor’s degree, worked, married, and started a family here, all factors that weighed in favor of the positive grant of prosecutorial discretion. (February 2014).

Motion to terminate removal proceedings granted to individual that married a U.S. Citizen after he was ordered removed. The applicant was allowed to adjust status before Citizenship and Immigration Services. (December 2013).

Cancellation of Removal granted to Legal Permanent Resident with a record of 17 arrests, 6 of which resulted in convictions, including Attempted Burglary, Unlawful Acquisition of a Controlled Substance, Felony Theft, and forgery. Cancellation of removal was based on hardship to the applicant’s adoptive mother and U.S. Citizen wife. (November 2013).

Cancellation of Removal granted to permanent resident alien with three theft convictions and DUI. The applicant’s parents and siblings were in the U.S., and the applicant showed that his separation from them would cause extreme hardship. (July 2012).

Cancellation of Removal granted to non-permanent resident alien placed in removal proceedings after he misrepresented on his application for adjustment of status the fact that he had been previously deported and reentered using false documents. Cancellation of removal was based on extreme hardship to his U.S. Citizen wife and two children. (May 2012).


Certificate of Citizenship granted to 63-year-old man who entered the country as an infant. Applicant never possessed documentation concerning his status in the United States, but with the assistance of a local immigration officer and FOIA results, he determined that he was a U.S. Citizen by virtue of his parents naturalization. (August 2014)

Naturalization granted to applicant with conviction for aggravated assault on a peace officer. (November 2014)

Naturalization granted to applicant with a conviction for possession of marijuana (less than 30 grams), and two convictions for battery. (March 2013)